• Vehicle Registration

    Vehicle Registration

    Do you want to register your car or yacht in Mallorca? We provide comprehensive advice and ensure a smooth and fast processing.

Your vehicle registration in Mallorca

For 25 years we have been registering vehicles from all over the world in Spain and taking care of all import matters. Even complicated procedures such as special registrations of classic cars or rental car fleets are no problem for our experts. We offer the following services for your car or motorcycle:

  • Registration of new vehicles
  • Registration of rental car fleets
  • Transfer of used vehicles to a new owner
  • Registration of vehicles brought to Spain from abroad
  • Requests for exemption from taxes related to the registration of vehicles

As the legal requirements for the registration of vehicles brought into Spain from abroad are constantly changing, we do not go into detail here about the formalities currently required, but will be happy to advise you individually on request. If you intend to bring a vehicle from abroad and register it in Mallorca, we ask you to contact us before you leave your home country, if possible. We will then inform you in detail about the legal regulations existing at the time. We will also inform you about the costs that will arise in connection with the registration of your vehicle in Mallorca.

Contact for all motor vehicle matters is our office in Palma: Tel. 971-72-72-29, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..